Welcome to the ExChip0 #2 [ binary sounds ] !

start: 1010.1010.11111011010:bin : deadline: 10000.0001.11111011011:bin

We are glad to present the chip music competition in third time, combining several platforms and various methods of chip music making.


 The rules have been re-made up using experience of similar competitions. We've included new competitions and some competitions in accordance with your wishes into the rules.

New Year holidays are coming! We decided to add a new competition in the list of available ExChipO competitions.

 Upload your entries in the contact section or sent by e-mail. And please add registration form in your entries.


Voting is ended, look results. Congratulations to the winners!
New Exchipo competition soon, watch news! ^-^

Good news. Till february, 8th you've a possibility to vote, so voting starts now on 25th of january, 2011. And here is the URL to the voting system: http://exchipo.berotracker.de/voting/.
Important: A javascript-enabled browser with HTML 5 audio tag support is required.

Deadline. We are finishing the reception of your entries. Voting will begin in a few days.

Yeer! Hot and stylish invitation intro was released, which you can download here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=56561.
We are looking forward to receive your entries for the Exchipo #2 competition!
And don't forget deadline is january 16, 2011!

Yeah! Holidays comes. And we are glad to inform you that we prolong competition Exchipo #2 competition!
The deadline is january 16, 2011 now! ...waitin amazing invitation intro soon.

Exchipo #2 competition is started. We write news on the musical sites, #IRC channels.
...and we r prepare an invitation intro.